Vendor Advisory

Selling a property may seem straightforward - this is not always the case.

Which selling agent is the best for you, your property and your suburb? At Melbourne Property Advisory, we do not sell property - we act as the 'middle man' between you and your selling agent, whom we help you appoint based on a number of factors including track record, knowledge of the local area, the brand they represent and how they as an individual conduct themselves, amongst other things. 

We offer advice on presentation and improvements to maximise the return on your property. We help, support and guide you in selecting your agent and negotiating their fees. We offer an independent and realistic opinion of current market value.

We are your first step in the right direction to selling your property for the best possible price, with the right agent, paying the right level of commission.

We provide independent advice and talk you through the entire selling process, prior to engaging with agents so you are supported, informed, and in the best position to understand the whole process. 

Melbourne Property Advisory will:

  • Inspect your property and provide you with an impartial opinion of current market value

  • Advise on when and how to sell your property to fit your situation and requirements

  • Suggest how to present /or improve your property to achieve the maximum possible price

  • Review agent submissions, including price, marketing, commission and negotiate terms

  • Appoint the agent who is the best fit for the type of property you are selling

  • Monitor the campaign to ensure the selling agent is being diligent and providing the level of service expected

  • Conduct negotiations on your behalf in the event of private sale, offers prior to sale or where the property passes in at auction

  • Be by your side during the auction to ensure you are not pressured into selling at a level you are not happy with

This service is typically covered within the fee paid to the selling agent, or if preferred a fee-for-service arrangement can be made.