Portfolio Review & Planning

Whether you have an existing portfolio you would like reviewed, or you are just starting out and would like some advice on planning a portfolio - Melbourne Property Advisory can help. Property is one of the most risk adverse investments available and with the right research, due diligence and knowledge, we help you into a strong position to build your wealth and grow your property portfolio to provide for your future.

When providing a Portfolio Review, Melbourne Property Advisory will:

  • Assess each property

  • Review growth over its lifespan

  • Review suburb growth and development

  • Complete a rental appraisal

  • Recommend next steps to capitalise on your investment

When planning a new portfolio, Melbourne Property Advisory will:

  • Discuss with you what your long term goals are - how much money you wish to invest and what the best approach is to achieving this

  • Make recommendations on asset selection based on your budget

  • Suggest alternative approaches with the funds available - i.e. purchasing one single house or two separate apartments, and the implications of each

  • Discuss timelines for achieving milestones

  • Apply the 'investing in property' approach to obtain the right properties

Both services are complimentary to existing clients and also available on a fee for service basis for one-off reviews.