Buying a Home

Finding the right home to suit your lifestyle within your budget, can be a challenge. It can also be time consuming, frustrating, disappointing and often just a long and slow process.

Whether it is a large family house or a one-bedroom apartment, if you know what you want in a home, we can help you find it.

Using an advocate to do the searching for you means that you can maintain anonymity and save you the from the agent’s weekly follow up calls, texts and auction reminders. Instead we get the texts, calls and updates because that is what we are here for - to make your life easier, so you can focus on the things that really matter. 

There are two ways to approach the sourcing of a home:

You find the property.

  • We Inspect your chosen property

  • Assess the suitability

  • Classify the asset

  • We ask questions and listen

We Search, Shortlist and Find the property for you.

  • Prioritise wants, needs and budgets

  • Understand your requirements

  • Keep your name, phone number and budget between us!

  • Shielding you from call after call from agents and the risk of paying more than you should for a property once agents know your budget

  • Search for matching properties via:

    • Off market and private sale opportunities

    • Public domains

    • Our extensive agent network

    • We ask questions and listen

  • Shortlist ‘matched’ properties for you to view

  • Advise on market value

Once a shortlist has been made or we have inspected a property you’ve found we then:

  • Determine an accurate purchase price range

  • Uncover the history of the property to support purchase

  • Conduct extensive market analysis in prepare for purchase

  • Manage negotiations and method of purchase with the agent

  • Arrange and oversee all legalities and inspections

  • Represent you anonymously if necessary to protect your details and financial position